388730_304730886227021_898833414_nSince the company has established Almotakamleh of equipment and specialized vehicles, and it is working to develop full potential and experience to work on customer service in manufacturing and processing equipment and miscellaneous mechanisms specialized in general in the various aspects of the world.

Over the past years the company has worked to consolidate the integrated markets its name in the Middle East, especially in the Arab markets, it has managed to raise its market share year after year to become one of the most famous companies specializing in the Arab world.

Integrated company specialized equipment to have cooperation with many of the specialized agencies in the field of electricity, energy, and ground cable .. And many of the specialized agencies and mechanisms in various fields such as emergency lighting tower cranes and cars, check power cables and command and control vehicles, ambulances … etc

The company is integrated and its cadres to raise Advertising, year after year to be in the ranks of major industrial companies in Europe and the developed world even offer their customers the service as they are entitled according to the highest standards and Metrology.